Third Wheel Material

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Written & Directed by

Lyandre Pierre


Jerry Madison Jr.
Charlotte Williams Roberts
Christian Robinson

Produced by

Rickey Larke
Tezeta Solomon
Julian Park

Third Wheel Material is a weirdly sweet comedy that follows three best friends; a couple, Tanya and Darren, and their reluctant third wheel Avery. The three friends each navigate their own personal journeys through self-discovery, acceptance, and the absurdity of life.

Our show pays homage to the great Black sitcoms of the past but has a modern look and feel. It's a joyous celebration of Blackness, friendship, and of

Official Selection - American Black Film Festival 2023
Official Selection - The Pan African Film Festival 2023
Official Selection - Nashville Film Festival 2023
Official Selection - Micheaux Film Festival 2023
Official Selection - Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival 2023
Semi-Finalist - Dumbo Film Festival 2023
Official Selection - LA Black Film Festival 2023
Award Winner - Bright International Film Festival 2023


Jerry Madison Jr. as Avery


Jerry Madison Jr.

Charlotte Williams Roberts as Tanya


Charlotte Williams Roberts

Christian Robinson as Darren


Christian Robinson

David Ashley as Dr. Garrett

Dr. Garrett

David Ashley

Katelyn Rydzewski as Stacy


Katelyn Rydzewski

Janai Dionne as Stella


Janai Dionne

Tremana White as Rhonda


Tremana White

Von Roburts as Steve


Von Roburts

Jordan Drake as David


Jordan Drake

Charly Yoon as Rickey


Charly Yoon


Lyandre Pierre, Writer & Director

Lyandre Pierre

Writer & Director

Lyandre Pierre is a writer and director from Nashville, TN who is now based in Los Angeles, CA. He previously worked in production on several films, commercials, and TV shows like The Daily Show. He is a TV writer focused on comedies and dramedies and is the writer and director for the award-winning short series The 6th Degree. He is also an Army veteran and a member of the Writers Guild of America.

Lyandre spends 80% of his time trying to create content that will make people think a little bit deeper and feel a little bit lighter. He spends the other 20% eating ice cream.

Rickey Larke, Executive Producer

Rickey Larke

Executive Producer

Tezeta Solomon, Producer

Tezeta Solomon


Julian Park, Producer

Julian Park


Kyle Hausmann-Stokes, Co-Producer

Kyle Hausmann-Stokes


Aastha Verma, Assistant Director

Aastha Verma

Assistant Director

Ryan Emanuel, Director of Photography

Ryan Emanuel

Director of Photography

Nikkia Johnson, Production Designer

Nikkia Johnson

Production Designer

Malinda Zehner, Editor

Malinda Zehner


Andrew Pedro, Costume Designer

Andrew Pedro

Costume Designer

Victoria Murphy, Casting Director

Victoria Murphy

Casting Director

Jordan Mena, Colorist

Jordan Mena


Kwesi Albert Lutz-Paap, Composer

Kwesi Albert Lutz-Paap


Addison Smyth, Creative Director

Addison Smyth

Creative Director


Episode 1 - Three the Hard Way

Episode 2 - Mental Filth

Episode 3 - Mi Boundaries, Su Boundaries

Episode 4 - Stranger with My Face


There's still a lot more story to tell. Be a part of bringing the second half of Third Wheel Material to the screen. We appreciate your support.



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